Packard Proving Grounds Wedding | Shelby Township Michigan | Heidi and Jesse Part One

cusick creative

A sneak peek of Heidi and Jesse’s wedding. Their day held a timeless look with little touches of Christmas cheer.

Packard Proving Grounds, being established in Michigan in 1927 by the Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, held a special historic feel. With overcast skies and Christmas tree lights, we explored the grounds, devoured brunch, and sipped our coffees together as we celebrated these two sweet souls. Knowing this couple personally, it brought even more joy to capture their day! Traveling to Michigan and experiencing this with them was so special, I cannot wait to share more on their day.

Stay tuned.

Venue: Packard Proving Grounds, Shelby Township Michigan
Catering: Chowhound Gourmet
Coffee: Blue Owl