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Please fill out the information below with intent and thoroughness. Along with this form, Cusick Creative will be sending a shared Google Drive folder for any assets that are needed for the site. If you are providing photos, text or branding these will be uploaded there!

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We all have a certain style that we like, if their are any current sites out there that appeal to you, let us know! We are not in a position to copy others creative executions, but we will take your inspiration into consideration when building your site. Please let us know if there is a specific aspect to the site that you like. ex: www.apple.com "I like the clean white space and bold photos."
A domain is the address someone types in to find your site. If you already own a domain, then you're set! When thinking of a domain, you want to be clear, concise and simple! For example, if you are a blogger and will mainly go by your name you could have www.johndoe.com. Or your company's name www.apple.com. Please write down your ideas below, if you're not sure we can work through this together!
Five Pages
Your site includes a Five Page build, additional pages will be $200. If you are looking for something not listed please select other and describe below. If you select Merch or Store you will be quoted additionally depending on content and size.